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Aquarius Horoscope 2008

Being the eleventh sign of zodiac, the Aquarians are usually shy and lively. The Aquarians natives are quite systematic and organized. Although the Aquarius natives are quite funny, they have a little dry sense of humour. Aquarius loves to meditate while sitting lonely. Ego is one of the major drawbacks of Aquarius.

* Major positive features of Aquarius are playful, frank, broad minded, devoted, liberal, understanding, tolerant and friendly.
* Major negative features of Aquarius are being erratic, selfish, mean, fickle and cold.
* Aquarius simply hates possessiveness, ego, ridiculed, inequality, jealousy, non-judgmental and violence.

Characteristics of an Aquarius Male:

* Aquarian males are great friends. They have the caliber to make friends even out of enemies.
* Aquarian males never disclose their hidden feelings.
* Aquarius males have high ambitions and are quite idealistic.
* Aquarius males are one of the most gentle of all the zodiac signs.
* Aquarius males often wed late in their life.
* Children hold a special place in the heart of Aquarius males.

Characteristics of an Aquarius Female:

* Aquarius females are considered as one of the most faithful of all other zodiac signs.
* Aquarius females are one of the best partners, as they are loyal and faithful.
* Aquarius female is quite romantic by heart.
* Money is the secondary factor for Aquarius females.
* Aquarius females never suspect their partner. This quality makes them one of the most admired souls on earth.
* Aquarius females hate jealous and narrow-minded people.
* Aquarius females are not over protective about their kids.

Aquarius in Love:

* Aquarius looks out for intelligent spouse.
* Aquarius natives hate dominating their spouses.
* Romantic lives of Aquarius natives start a little late. They keep their partners running around them.
* If your partner is not loyal then you will leave him/her without thinking twice.
* Aquarius natives have high concentration and understanding.

The Physical Appearance of an Aquarius:

* Aquarius natives are usually tall and have well-proportioned body.
* Face of Aquarius natives is usually oval with a fair complexion and charming personality.
* Aquarius usually has brown hair.
* Aquarius natives often face problem related to teeth.
* On the calf muscle, Aquarius usually has a mole or scar.

The Lucky charms of an Aquarius:

* Lucky Number: 3, 9, 2 and 7
* Lucky Color: Yellow, Red and White
* Lucky Flower: Orchid
* Lucky Day: Wednesday
* Lucky Gemstones: Ruby and Diamond
* Lucky Metal: Aluminum

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