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Cute Love Poems

Cute love poems are the best way to set the rhythm and pace in a love and romance relationship. A love poem is the poets innermost passion expressed in words. And on the Valentine's Day, those who are willing to discard all the mundane activities and devote in making the Valentine's Day special, gifting cute love poems to the beloved is an excellent idea among the Valentine's gift ideas and can be the crown in your romantic gift basket.

In this section we bring to you some of the most beautiful, romantic and cute love poems right on your desktop. So just select a cute love poem of your choice and let your sweetheart feel the bond of love circling her on this Valentine.

All I Ever Wanted Is in You
By Nicholas Gordon
All I ever wanted is in you:
Love, laughter, a pillow for my fears.
I want to give and to be given to
So I might feel myself flow through the years
Alive in you, the wonder of my tears.

Always missing u
By Molly
It's getting late
and I can't sleep...
it's all your fault
for choosing me.
I like you so bad,
I don't know what to do
I'm spending all my time
missing you.
When were together
it's so hard to part,
I can't let go...
you stole my heart.
I lie awake...
picturing you in my head,
wondering if your thinking of me too,.. cuz I'm always missing you.

Can't Stop Loving You
By Brandi
Nothing in this world can explain how I feel
I can't believe the love I have for you is oh so real
You are my pride and joy and I adore you so much
It's not just your personality it's also your gentle touch
Everything about you is just so wonderful
the time we spend together is just unbelievable
You are a part of me, and without you I'm no good
I will do any and everything to stay with you just like I know you would
The love of my life the man that I adore
Each day I see you I Love you More & More

Thinking of you
By Lauren Lee
I woke up this morning thinking of you
And i wondered if you were thinking of me to...

I sat up and thought about our last goodbye
and all i could do was sit there and cry

It's hard to let you go when i know what we could be
I just have to wait until the day that you will finally see

Maybe someday you'll realize how much i care for you
and maybe you'll realize that you care for me to

But until we meet what could be fate,
i'll just sit here thinking of you and wait


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